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King Zhan Zun

Title:King Zhan Zun Author:Foam and Description:Fight against demons, demons, ghosts and gods with a dragon subduing fist; See through all truth, goodness and ugliness with the blue light of clear eyes, accumulate virtue and do good, and achieve urban respect…

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Jiang Yuan, the ultimate Zombie King

Title:Jiang Yuan, the ultimate Zombie King Author:Xia Liangfu Description:Entering the ultimate realm, Jiang Yuanzhen is the strongest in the world. Is Jiang Yuanzhen unmatched? You finally came back… “General, I knew you wouldn’t die so easily. You came out after…

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Wu Daotu

Title:Wu Daotu Author:Save money to buy medicine Description:Lin Chen, a child of the small family, endured for many years and finally broke out. Let’s see what he has achieved in this martial arts road without too much talent and too…

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Exorcism of evil

Title:Exorcism of evil Author:It’s cold in September Description:An ordinary earth man is no longer ordinary after he meets the mysterious old man – Shi mo. Carrying the fate of saving the earth, he came to the other world. Physical training,…

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The devil’s return

Title:The devil’s return Author:Eat meat at a meal Description:The emperor of the demon world was betrayed and died by his favorite concubine. His soul crossed the world with the magic pearl, the most precious treasure of the demon world, and…

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Fire fighting inflammation

Title:Fire fighting inflammation Author:Xingshi Shaoyun Description:Between heaven and earth, there is only fire, burning all things, burning the sky, proud of everything.

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The magical fate of rebirth

Title:The magical fate of rebirth Author:ZXDYMS公司 Description:A young man gave up everything for his beloved woman, but he was personally killed by this woman. He was unwilling. He must save her. He knelt on the ground and prayed to heaven….

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Martial arts world apprenticeship

Title:Martial arts world apprenticeship Author:Xingcao Description:Wu Qianqian crossed into the world of martial arts where meat is strong and food is weak. She has been looking for a way to go back since she came to this world. One day…

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Xuanyuan cultivation record

Title:Xuanyuan cultivation record Author:The end of the song is still in love Description:One piece of paper is easy to write and paint, and three or two beauties are even more rare. Wake up and hold the order of life and…

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Dark Dawn of miracles

Title:Dark Dawn of miracles Author:Whirling blood Description:When all the tricks are exhausted, the life experience of the infatuated youth fluctuates. Family affection, friendship, love, true and false, love and hate. Who covers the sky? Big picture! The God making plan…

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