Zombies of charity

Title:Zombies of charity

Author:Said the following

Description:The end of the day suddenly comes when the people at the bottom are unprepared. The protagonist of this book, Zhang Yongtai, is just like millions of ordinary people, and he steps into the ranks of zombies. However, I don’t know whether he is lucky or unfortunate. Compared with thousands of other zombies, he has a clear mind and a sense of humorA heart with conscience. Let’s take a look at how Zhang Yongtai, a big man, created a piece of blissful land for him and his approved women in the horrible forest of the dead. If you think it’s OK, please click collect! The reader’s collection reading is the only move of the writerpower! thank you! PS: because there are too many supporting roles in this book, if there is any similarity, it is purely intentional!

Author: miven

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