Zombie world starts with golden light curse

Title:Zombie world starts with golden light curse

Author:Psychic atmosphere group

Description:Through Lin Zhengying’s Zombie world, the beginning, he drew the full level golden light spell. The full level golden light spell is extremely powerful, and can be used to kill the ghost with thousands of sword Qi. The internal casting method can be made with steel and iron without invading. The divine lottery system covers all the heaven and everything. “Ding! Congratulations on your winning technique – the wind behind the gate! ” “Dingļ¼ Congratulations on your winning the magic weapon – Taiyi whisk “Ding! Congratulations on your selection and inheritance of Millennium accomplishments Uncle Jiu: I didn’t expect that my Daoism, which I have practiced hard for decades, is not as good as your one-day hard practice. Ren Tingting: brother Lin, can you teach me to draw charms?

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