Zombie King’s journey

Title:Zombie King’s journey

Author:Blood night singer

Description:At the end of the world, Mo Hanchen was one of the first people to become zombies, but he was different from the zombies. He was a zombie with independent consciousness. Originally mediocre and ordinary, he had the face of the world, as well as a cold extreme white hair, and resisted the desire to eat raw flesh and blood to protect himselfMy teachers and classmates, however, after arriving at the survivors’ base, were sold to the research institute by the teachers and students they protected in exchange for a comfortable life in the base. He stayed in the Research Institute for ten years. During the ten years, he was tortured to death by various experiments. Finally, in an induced deception, he suicidal ended the experimentIt’s not a living life. But after his death, Mo Hanchen returns to the time when he just mutated With hatred for human beings, he step by step

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