Zombie Emperor

Title:Zombie Emperor

Author:King sin

Description:The protagonist bites a person, and that person turns into a zombie. Therefore, it creates an end. And these zombies are under the leadership of the protagonist. White blood pupil of his, is the wanton destruction of the world? Or save the world with compassion? Or should Rule the world what you want?Indecision, like you, makes you king alone. The pink cherry blossom in the remnant painting blooms quietly under the moon in Tokyo. The zombie soldiers came to the White City, swore blood to Yin Guang, the throne to the bone, and the village was desolate. Broken melody dancing in the air, dark rain, but static, static as her. Remember despair and despairDisappointment, fighting with each other, fighting for sadness. Remember to collect tickets, smash them and get the power of codewords!

Author: miven

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