Zombie doctor

Title:Zombie doctor

Author:Three brothers in the North

Description:How will you deal with the spread of virus and Zombies? Li Nan, an intern, witnessed the world’s changes. In order to survive and protect his beloved, he had to take up a butcher’s knife and anger at the zombies and the same kind. The tide of corpse sea is endless, and the ensuing difficulties and dangers are like the fear of shadow accompanyingFear of despair, under the end of the world, living has become the most simple luxury. Fresh meat and brains fly together, and plasma is the same color. The most rigorous postmodern Zombie Novel has a strong taste. The scalpel is also a knife, and the doctor can kill people. ****************************Some chapters * * bloody, no entry under 18. If you think zombie doctor is good, please don’t forget to send it to QQ group and microblog

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