Zombie age

Title:Zombie age

Author:Pig hum little

Description:Driven by selfish desire, human beings continue to exploit and destroy the earth. Desire leads human beings to take it recklessly. It seems that the meaning of existence is to satisfy their own selfish desire. Everyone is like a walking corpse. Nature wants to balance this destruction Human scientific research activities led to the emergence of super virus, the world has become a zombieMy world. In a middle school in an inland city of China, the surviving teachers and students work hard to survive under the leadership of history teacher Zhang Zhizhong. After the supplies were exhausted, they were forced to leave the campus to seek survival opportunities. In the world of zombies, the most terrible is not the cold and ugly walking dead, but the unbridled lust of human beings. The whole world is in a state of chaos, and human nature is subject to the ultimate test. Does civilization collapse? Is human extinction? Zhang Zhizhong believes that human beings will eventually revive, but he does not remember

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