Zhou Quanxiang

Title:Zhou Quanxiang

Author:A Zhen

Description:Extra! Extra! The painful Lin ah Zhen has gone home and abroad again. Miss Yin, don’t do that. Touching your little hand will also cause death. Can’t we be polite? yeah! no way? Well, then you close your eyes first, Castle Peak doesn’t change Green water is long Gubai! Miss fairy, I’m not only good at understandingHe was dressed in human clothes and carried a murder weapon with him. what? Where is the murder weapon? Come on! What about? Is this weapon comparable to the golden cudgel? Whether it’s Spiderman or white bone spirit, it’s guaranteed to win in three rounds. Pop What are you looking at? Have you ever seen a man put rouge on his cheek? Surprise! Baby PIANER, you forgot to put the kitchen knife back in the kitchen? Brother Zhen, PianI want to cut people

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