Z Nation

Title:Z Nation


Description:Haze, a Chinese style doomsday came to my city The car smashed people into pieces. There was a head stuck in the wheel. What I didn’t expect was that there was a beautiful woman under the car. Is it tempting me to commit a crime? When I thought it was just a dream, the dream came true. The end of the day, everythingIt’s all broken. Disaster after disaster, danger after danger the end or doom! The end of the day! Only the strong can control everything Yunze book group 378140800 does not have a minimum of 7000 a day. It only needs to add 10 recommendations or three gold diamonds on the same day, and then the collection will break 100, 200 and 100Three hundred and so on. I’ll add another chapter (maybe the same day and the next day, but I won’t be in arrears).

Author: miven

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