Yunnan Army

Title:Yunnan Army

Author:No prescription

Description:In the war of national defense, they attacked Sichuan with 8000 soldiers and forced Yuan Shikai to death, which gave the Republic of China dignity. During the war of resistance against Japan, they sang the march of the volunteers and charged fearlessly. They were the only iron soldiers who could fight with the devils one-on-one for bayonets. To resist US aggression and aid Korea, they first captured Seoul. They come from the southwest border, the country is in dangerDeath, heroes come forth in large numbers, the elite Yunnan army is the best in the country! (this is a novel to restore that period of submerged history. This book is not open, and there is no golden finger. There is only the flesh and blood and hard struggle of the revolutionary predecessors! Click here, let me tell you the story of the most elite miscellaneous army in China, the only forensic technician in ChinaMy story!)

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