Yuan yumie

Title:Yuan yumie

Author:Falling star

Description:This science fiction is different from other science fiction, I will integrate modern real scientific achievements into it, and evolve in a certain theoretical situation! Of course, it will never be wonderful. The imagined world will still be mysterious! Zerg’s vast and powerful, swept the entire universe, all planets, all lifeLife is in extreme danger This is not a catastrophe of life, but a catastrophe of the universe Only when we go to the mysterious infinite 6 and find the sun spirit in that world can we get enough power to turn the tide “Yuan Yu Mie” Volume 5 Sun spirit another note: seeking flowers and collecting ~ hehe. IPenguin ~ 7914o4623 ~ if you think yuanyumie is good, please don’t forget to recommend it to your QQ group and friends on Weibo!

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