Yu Gui’s doubts

Title:Yu Gui’s doubts

Author:Taotie and Taowu’s daughter

Description:Gan Shunhua, who was killed by her sister, was reborn into Qianlong, Princess of Xingguo. Is it fate or manipulation? Lin Cheng, who is Jinfeng in the corner of her eyes, is her dual personality inevitable or disguised? “Once Yugui comes out, the world is in chaos.” The word of the wizard is a fight for the throneOr something else? A journey of intrigue in ancient times. A virtual door to connect the present and the future. A piece of common jade GUIs seems irrelevant, but in fact they are closely linked. There is love and warmth in the struggle of interests. Greed and selfishness hide the conscience of human nature. WhenYu Gui’s puzzle is slowly solved. What will be the choice of the public?   

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