Young Wuxian in the city

Title:Young Wuxian in the city

Author:The martial arts of confidants

Description:My God It’s a catchphrase of Shao Xiaofeng. As a modern loser, he has nothing to do and is despised by others. Because by chance, I got a incomplete martial arts secret book and a strange exquisite pagoda. Since then, his life has changed dramatically. The most powerful daughterMiss, pursue the most beautiful school flower, and play with all kinds of Xiuzhen school beauties. The big man in the cultivation world, Ma Fuyun, is not my opponent. What’s the use of business? The hand with more money is cramped. Power has no attraction. If Lao Tzu turns his hand over to the cloud and covers it with rain, who dares not to obey. Shao Xiaofeng began the most legendary myth of his life.

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