Young master Chen Haofeng

Title:Young master Chen Haofeng

Author:Qian Xiaohao

Description:Since the war between man and devil, the discovery of magic in 2027 has solved the world’s energy crisis, but China has entered the dark. The United States changed the nature of China by force. The signing of the East China Sea treaty aroused strong resistance from all walks of life. As a result, China became more and more chaotic, and China entered the era of warlords, while China became a countryHowever, the modern magicians in Inner Mongolia were charged with treason because of the crime of no need to have. They were slaughtered, and the survivors could only hide their identity. At the wedding ceremony of Chen Haofeng, the young leader of the Chen family (cabovan family), one of the eight families, the blood emperor’s sudden visit killed the Chen family overnight. As a modern magicianChen Haofeng lost all his abilities and his fiancee Huang yanrou was in a coma. Since then, the resistance of fate began

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