You from magic star

Title:You from magic star

Author:Rain in Nujiang River

Description:”You from the magic star” is also called “you from the heart star” or “you from barinda” or “Santa Carla from an alien”. This novel is the third original novel of Nujiang Yu, which is also a painstaking work. It took about half a year to write this summer. The writing time is from May 20 to May 20, 2015June 17, 2015. The novel is interspersed with many interesting plots, revealing family, friendship and love It focuses on the unusual love story between the alien Santa Carla and the earth man Ouyang Jiayu. Their love story is full of twists and turns, sad and touching Eight million light-years awayThere is a magical and beautiful planet in this place – the planet of barinda. This planet is a magic planet, rich in resources. Four million light-years away from the planet of barinda

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