Yin Yang tomb robber

Title:Yin Yang tomb robber

Author:One shot through the heart

Description:”Tomb robbers of yin and Yang” twenty years ago, a group of local mice brought out a dragon and Phoenix jade pendant from an ancient tomb, almost completely destroyed. Twenty years later, a descendant of the local mouse discovered the secret of the dragon and Phoenix jade pendant. He gathered a group of experienced tomb robbers to look for treasure. No one thought that an ordinary corpse raising place should be destroyedFull of sinister crises: Yan Ti Xue, Yang Huo Shi, Jiu Xing Lian Tai, Xue Yue GUI Shi… This story is purely fictional. If it is similar, it is a coincidence. Please do not link it with the real events. Recommend a good book “the return of the king of the League of heroes” whether you believe it or not, anyway, I am addicted, ha ha ha!”Tomb robber of yin and Yang” first appeared in Heiyan reading network, exclusive contract, I hope you can support the legitimate edition in Heiyan reading network, thank you!

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