Yin Yang spectrum

Title:Yin Yang spectrum

Author:Enchanting pain

Description:Does God exist? Do ghosts exist? No one knows. The merits and demerits of Yin virtue vary from person to person. When he enters the world of the top God, he learns that when a person falls to the ground, his life will be closed and his birthday will be closed. No matter how to change it, your destiny will be arranged by the big hand. Young Fang Yi inherits his motherAbility, become a generation of top God master, through Yin and Yang, mysterious eight trigrams, solution six, see life and death. The gods come, turn Yin and Yang, continue life and death, solve the mystery of the world, discuss the strange things in the world. The infernal world holds life and death. The nine secluded mansion is in charge of reincarnation. A hundred thousand ghosts pass through the body. The heaven and earth show their power! In Yin YangGroup number: 368461413 welcome to group discussion!

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