Yin Yang of armored team

Title:Yin Yang of armored team


Description:In 2042, an alien spaceship landed in Jinling City, China. Since then, the city’s energy has been decreasing. According to human investigation, it is the work of a mysterious monster called magic demon. They continue to absorb water, heat, wind, electricity, gas, nuclear and other energy in the city. The city is in danger. President Hu of the Academy of Sciences approved by the stateQuasi secret development of the ultimate human weapon – armor. President Hu has developed three sets of Yin-Yang armor and distributed them to three young people. He has launched an arduous struggle and investigation against the evil spirits who absorb energy. The dark forces used human greed to create dark armor and armor warriors to fight. Later, President Hu recovered three sets of dark booksThe black armor forms six pairs of yin and Yang armor and forms the armor team. In the investigation, the players never know who their opponents are. They feel that they have fallen deeply into the enemy

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