Yin Yang hand eye

Title:Yin Yang hand eye

Author:Lucky the panda

Description:At the bottom of my life, I met Ye Zixuan, a descendant of the eye of heaven. After he saw my hand print, he said that it was going against the sky. Then I knew that my hand print was actually the “eye of hand”. Hands and eyes, exorcising ghosts and controlling gods, mastering the wonders of heaven and earth With his help, I opened the “hand eye” and found that I could drive myself“Hand fairy: a little black cat with an appendage, Xiao Hei. Then strange things came one after another. One after another, they met the neighbors who raised kids to increase their life span, the demons who disguised themselves as headropes to lure others, and made people into “Dan silkworm” to cultivate Zhenyuan

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