Yin Yang Ghost Hunter

Title:Yin Yang Ghost Hunter

Author:Crow and frost all over the sky

Description:The Zhong family are born with Yin bone, and they are in charge of ghost hunting, which is an inescapable fate. The ghost hunting masters are dedicated to subduing demons and ghosts. In this generation, they have relied on this magic to make money. The ancestral jade pendant contains mystery, which protects the safety of the Zhong family. The contemporary master is seriously ill. The jade pendant falls on Zhong Yuan. Once he goes out, he lets him goThe family is doomed. Is the enemy the poor and vicious ghosts who have been pestered by several generations or someone else? Is the ancestral jade pendant used to summon the hell soldiers or has much to do with the ghost catching master Zhong Kui? After Zhong Yuan’s misfortune, he regained his ghost hunting ability and began to search for enemies with his cousin Zhong Li, but he fell into a dilemmaIt’s a big conspiracy. (this book is fictional. Please don’t imitate it. If it’s similar, it’s a coincidence.)

Author: miven

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