Yin Yang agent

Title:Yin Yang agent

Author:Dark, Xiulan

Description:Believe it or not, there are ghosts in the world, but I have been with them since I was a child. My name is Duan Musen. I have no memory before I was ten years old, and I don’t know who my parents are. Growing up in an orphanage, my friends always died one after another. One day late at night, I happened to encounter Bai Wuchang’s enchantment, which frightened me excessivelyI’m sure I’ll die for myself, but I met my uncle who changed my life. Since then, I have visited every corner of China and seen all kinds of strange things. Real record, one of the ten most dangerous and mysterious professions in China, I am a real soul summoner, I am an agent of yin and Yang!

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