Yes, but I’m not the main character

Title:Yes, but I’m not the main character

Author:Morningair morningair

Description:Protagonist, what is the protagonist? The protagonist has his own aura, and there is no charge! The protagonist is good, no matter what, as a supporting role of the handsome girls one by one to fight the old life together. The protagonist is good, finally with the protagonist, a couple for life, angry to death those single dogs. But, I’m not whatThe protagonist. I don’t love my country, but I’m good at cheating, stealing, eating, drinking, gambling and smoking! If you can learn a good martial arts skill, you can help yourself. Who do you dare to provoke me?! Hum! In ancient times, the fierce sword fell in my hand. If you provoke me again, I’ll cut it into 800 pieces for you! Oh, this beautiful man,I like it. what?! You like the main character, too? Alas There’s no way. Somebody! Little whip!

Author: miven

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