Yalan God in Taoyuan

Title:Yalan God in Taoyuan

Author:Pavilion and pavilion watching rain

Description:In this world, there are many mysteries that cannot be explained. A young scientific research scholar got the mysterious inheritance of Taoyuan power in a scientific research accident. From then on, he went back to the past and began his extraordinary journey of exploring and solving mysteries. He took his best friends to the dangerous situation and solved many unsolved mysteries again and again,He vowed to love the natural environment given by nature with his life. He led his favorite to make all efforts for the continuation of life. He wanted to create a magical home, a modern Noah’s Ark. Let’s enter the moving emotional world of Ding Yu and Fu Xiaoyu, follow the magical experience of Taoyuan team, and finally come to the endTaoyuan how to really protect the many creatures, how to restore the gradually disappearing ecology, how to stand to the highest point of life

Author: miven

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