Xiao Qiye’s years in Xiangxi

Title:Xiao Qiye’s years in Xiangxi

Author:Chunyang real person

Description:Guo Xiong and female ghost Wanjun grew up in childhood, and they had no guess with Prince Qin’s Naren princess. When they were wandering in the world, they met Nie qingniang again and fell in love with each other. Guo Xiong is hard to choose from the contradiction between morality and emotion. Yang Nian’s endless entanglement with Nie qingniang brings endless troubles to Guo Xiong and qingniang. And then it’s clearThe Taoist priest rejects Nie qingniang, but the female ghost Wanjun reincarnates for Guo Xiong, so they are close to each other. Guo Xiong and Nie qingniang turn against each other. Wanjun appears in the world with the memory of his previous life, which makes Nie qingniang’s heart fade This pair of young people who are in love with each other have experienced many joys and sorrows and seven twists and turns of ups and downsAt last, the wish came true. Guo Xiong followed his hometown Nie qingniang for thousands of miles. Facing mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, he felt the scenery of the Central Plains, and then knew all the talents in the world: he worshipped the northern emperor as his teacher and made friends with the old magistrate

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