Wormhole base

Title:Wormhole base

Author:A prodigal soul

Description:But the stars are still there. He raised his head and looked up at the starry sky. He knew that life does not only exist on the earth, and life will not be bound to a single form. Time and space are so colorful, and they are prosperous and beautiful beyond our imagination. There are countless parallel universes in space and time, which are similar to our world. They are just like our birthThe replica of the existing world is like a game that many people play, but it has different results. There is a driving particle that controls its birth and death. At the moment of the birth of the parallel universe, another US is also born, but we and the other self are totally unaware of it, and then we are doing different things in their respective universesthing. There are infinitely many mirror universes in space-time, where the matter is completely opposite to that in our world. There’s a generic universe in space-time, and you can

Author: miven

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