World transfer station

Title:World transfer station

Author:Chu Miao

Description:The title of the book was originally intended to be called super time and space rescue, but it was occupied, but the introduction was still written according to this. ···Wang Zhi, who is sunny and Sanguan normal, inadvertently gets a space to communicate with the alien world and decides to incarnate as an alien salvation (predator). As for saving what? Whether it’s the princess in distress or the frustratedThe scope of his salvation (plunder) is whether he is a passer-by, or a mysterious book, or the world itself. In a word, this is a novel of time and space shuttle type. The world of history, fantasy, fantasy, science fiction, fairy and so on will appear, mainly history. The main feature of this book is the world of discoveryThere will be no restrictions on travel, no restrictions such as length of stay, and no consumption. Group: 482806980. Verify your nickname.

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