Witch Savior

Title:Witch Savior

Author:The indifferent way of heaven

Description:Abandon can not identify with the past, choose to enter the infinite world, just for the already destined to guard the dusk. On the day of the fury of the gods and demons, they sing the highest mantra and shine the eternal dawn, so that the people they want to guard can ascend the supreme throne of Taiji!! Infinite flow, the above two breath explosionThe lines of the table are purely my nonsense. The main line of this book is to save the witches in the infinite world and make little witches. This is the main line. Please don’t be disturbed. Please pay attention to: 1: lost moral integrity; 2: all kinds of confusion; 3: strange super expansion is possible at any time. If you think it’s not suitable to read this kind of books, please don’t worryCome in.

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