Wind Beaver

Title:Wind Beaver

Author:Su Jiuxi

Description:As the saying goes, a child without parents is like a grass root, and a wind born beast is also distressed when its owner is gone. It doesn’t work to cry and roll all over the ground – it’s the right way to find the master, practice the immortal method, accumulate enough character, travel freely in the other world, and do happy things! Simple version ancient: / / / longGtengx. The animal is transformed into an immortal, and loli is a cute girl. Immortal tools and spirit stones in hand, I have evil men and beautiful men! This article special label: the classic fairy chivalrous kind of different legends, no rebirth, no crossing, no private common people, no farmers, no farming. Pursuit of gorgeous, gorgeous to the death of gorgeous ~ wind Beaver[nest] group number: 33855993

Author: miven

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