When I was young

Title:When I was young

Author:Ancient moon C

Description:Have you heard the story “when I was young”? Qin Yijue told me so! When you open the wardrobe to pick up clothes, there is a female corpse full of body spots inside, smiling at you… When you open the bed board, you see a rotten corpse inside, and your eyes are staring at you… When you wash your hairWhat you squeeze out with shampoo is stinky rotten meat and hair silk… What if you really meet these things? The best way is to close your eyes, go to the platform, and your mouth will rise and fall! I’ll ask you – are you adult? You haveHeart disease? Are you autistic? Are you brave? If you don’t have the above points! I advise you to find another book to read!

Author: miven

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