Waste wood Taoist goes to hell

Title:Waste wood Taoist goes to hell

Author:Situ Shaofeng

Description:The Jade Emperor’s revenge, the yama’s prevention, the Taibai Venus’ arrangement, Zhong Kui’s teaching, and finally the unfortunate fairyland’s wandering children were cheated into the world. Finally, there was such a Taoist who would go through the ghost catching and waste material in history. Just because of a revenge, the Jade Emperor let Taibai Jinxing arrange a fairy child and turn it into a scrap of the human worldTaoist priest, because of the fear of the king of hell, sent people to chase and kill again and again. Finally, he overturned the hell and released thousands of ghosts. What’s the most important end? Let’s see how our waste wood Taoist priest Zhang Jian catches, plays, kills and summons ghosts. What kind of jokes will you make with the ghosts in hell, and how to catch the ghosts crossingBack.

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