War: the top of the Star River

Title:War: the top of the Star River

Author:Wink magic bow

Description:My name is Luo Xiu. Originally, I was just an ordinary person. Until I crossed to another world and replaced the body of a mercenary officer, there was no civilization that could be seen everywhere, no people, no safe and fixed residence. Here, the universe became a vague concept, and there was no space named “Earth”The universe is like the sea connecting the “places”. I want to go back. I always think that no matter when I fight with demons, when I laugh with friends, or even when I become a captain and travel in the universe, my life has entered a one-way road, and I can’t turn back. I put on my arms and resolutely stand on the battlefield. I’ve never been able to go backI didn’t give in to fate, but I’ll try my best to live before I go back

Author: miven

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