War and glory

Title:War and glory

Author:Black submarine

Description:War is the product of the birth and continuation of human beings. This book is based on it. Glory is an indescribable essence produced in the war: / / / longtengx. Reproduction. It should be a neutral word. This book mainly describes the characteristics of human nature in the war environmentThe influence on people’s behavior under special circumstances. There are some shining points of human nature in the book, such as loyalty, benevolence, righteousness, bravery, wisdom and chivalry, but there is not a brilliant character of Gao Daquan in it. Each character has his own shortcomings and advantages, such as loyalty to betray his rebellious friends for the benefit of the motherland, aloof and irascible personality, but can defend the weakThey are benevolent in the interests of the powerful group, cruel and merciless in treating everything else, including innocent people, for the sake of the feelings of their comrades in arms and compatriots, and courageous in leading the army to resist the invading army for self-interest

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