Wang Xingren

Title:Wang Xingren

Author:Singing in the setting sun

Description:——In 3015, I left my mother. At that time, I was just born. What took me away was a Yanhuang man, a famous biological Yanhuang scientist! At this point, I have not looked at my mother a few eyes, has been far away from her, I think, my life will not see her. I naively thoughtThis biological scientist will treat me well, but I was wrong. The reason why he wanted to take me away is that I have a unique Wang Xing pedigree! Yes, in the summer of this year, I was sent to Yanhuang Research Institute by him and became a Wang Xingren who transformed and mutated. Those people all called me Wang Xiuluo! I amA golden dog, a reformed Wang Xingren, a cannibal Wang Xingren, I’m just like a zombie. We are not willing to be a zombie in Yanhuang’s hands

Author: miven

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