Wandering Yin and Yang

Title:Wandering Yin and Yang

Author:Listen to the wind step by step

Description:Lost civilization, endless treasure, ancient legend, lost journey, mysterious history, truth of death. As far back as the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, Bian que was famous all over the world Nowadays, there are many talented people in the field of tomb raiding and gold mining, which can be described as a wave after the Yangtze RiverIn Qianlang, there are more and more experts in gold. A registered letter written by Wang Jinding a few decades ago, how secret is it. Under the guidance of Zhang sanlianzi, the founder of tomb raiding, there are countless people of daodou art. Some of the cultural relics that have been covered with dust for thousands of years have begun to peel off with the truth of history. TerribleIt’s not the mysterious events that can’t be explained in the ancient tombs. It’s not the so-called ghosts in the ancient tombs. It’s not the rush to flee in danger

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