Author:Blue moon sand

Description:He, the king thousands of years ago, is close to the existence of God, but there is no God in this world. They call him Lord. When his love is destroyed, he chooses to sleep deeply. A person who loves him betrays him, and he can only shed tears. He knows nothing but loneliness. He only knows that when he wakes up, his love has reincarnated. He is the bestThe latter knight, she, the princess of the vampire family, loves and fights with her. They are together regardless of the secular world. He steals jewelry for her, puts on shackles, and is sent to the prison of suger, which is darker than hell, empty and silent. Time makes the city forget the crime, time takes away the researcher’s experiment, he lies in his handOn the operating table, staring at the light, a kind of glare even more dazzling than the moonlight, the syringe was injected with anesthetics, and when I woke up, I found myself growing black wings, and the blue tusks needed blood

Author: miven

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