Variation against the world

Title:Variation against the world

Author:There are hundreds of clouds in love

Description:In the earthquake caused by the earth collapse, volcanic eruption, mountain torrents and tsunamis, the movement and extrusion of the continental plate, as well as the meteorite impact on the earth, the abnormal activity of sunspots, nuclear radiation, and the life pollution, war and strange supernatural phenomena caused by human beings. Plus some incomprehensible strange factors, through some resistance and irresistibilityThe irresistible causes eventually lead to the doomsday and the birth of a new world, which produces an incredible chain reaction. Some of the original weak and clever animals have become huge and strong, and the plants have also changed greatly, away from the original appearance. Human beings also have extraordinary changes and become wonderful. The coming of the end,It makes some places dead and lifeless, and some places lively and lively. If you want to get more, you can take risks and travel in the new world

Author: miven

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