Unparalleled Wei Emperor

Title:Unparalleled Wei Emperor


Description:Since ancient times, there was a real dragon in the troubled times, and the warlords showed off their heroes. If you ask who is the leader of the common people, you will find that there are nine important characters in the Wei Dynasty. One day in 197 A.D., Cao Cao attacked Zhang Xiu in Wancheng, and he was defeated by Jia Xu. The eldest son Cao ang, the great general Dian Wei died in the war. The original Cao Pi also died on this day, and from then on, he wrote the book of classicsAfter the death of Cao Zihuan, there may be no “three CAOS” in later generations. However, another Cao Pi lived. This Cao Pi was a modern man who was proficient in Agronomy and was despised by his father as a “senior farmer”. But because of this, it has achieved the reputation of Wushuang Wei Wen. (it’s just a novel. Bo Jun laughs. If there’s a mistake, don’t go into it。)

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