Unlimited work for heaven

Title:Unlimited work for heaven

Author:Dark night master

Description:Infinity, see infinity again. It’s also infinite. Is it comfortable to work for God or heaven? The main god is just a big ball of light of super intelligent program, and the way of heaven is a little bit black bellied and naughty little Lori. Although this Lori is light and soft, it can’t be pushed down, and it looks good to the eyes, and its cute voice is better than othersGod’s cold, emotionless voice is much better! In the summer vacation, Yang Xi, who is bored and waiting for the beginning of school, is favored by the way of heaven. He says that he can realize one of his wishes, but as a price, he must do something within his power for the way of heaven. It’s the rule of heaven that only when you give something can you get something in return. Because of one’s greedHeart, wish infinite extension, have to every once in a while to complete a task to him. Ah, let’s work as a part-time worker. Anyway, I didn’t want to be the boss of Yang Xi

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