Unlimited upgrade system

Title:Unlimited upgrade system

Author:Dongdong is a coward

Description:Ordinary spear can be upgraded to Thor’s spear, and basic boxing of several hundred levels can easily blow the earth! Summon the wolf swallowing the sky, the armored bear, the giant god stone devil, and help me to cross the world! The five gods are as changeable as gods. Shadow warrior, nightmare spirit body, magic body and holy sword incarnate. One person can incarnate all over the sky! Wanjianzhong, WuGod map, twelve Star Palace, nine palace road map, wordless stele, the tower of heaven, the road to heaven! Holding the star wand and controlling the star temple is the only king under the star sky! This is a story about a young man who is addicted to sisters and is invincible in the world of Tongtian tower with the upgrade system. PS: there are threePlease rest assured that you can save 100000 words.

Author: miven

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