Unlimited Planning Bureau

Title:Unlimited Planning Bureau

Author:If the sword is alive

Description:what! Spiderman’s been arrested? Edward in twilight and the mysterious man have sex. What about Bella? Has the Hulk lineage armed a regiment of American soldiers? Isn’t the man who became the king of Pirates Lu Feijun Is the culprit of all this – everythingCan you be a good passer-by? Well, in today’s time travel has become a trend, a department of planning and managing various time and space has emerged as the times require! The crosser? Even if you are long Aotian, you have to lie down for me, because we are from the time and space planning bureau! Aren’t you super Saiya monkey king? Want to live on earth? canHave you got your residence permit? If you don’t, go back to the dragon ball! This is the story of Ye Ling after he joined the space time Planning Bureau (for new books, recommend, collect and learn)

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