Unlimited kingship

Title:Unlimited kingship

Author:The stereotyped note King

Description:It’s hard to be an emperor, even harder to be a bare emperor. Longjing felt this from the beginning of his succession. So he went to the mountains of Jieyun to hunt giant dragons, walked on the waste soil to collect machines, rescued the female high school students with full chests from the world submerged by zombies, and brought back the golden hair and silver pupil’s imperial sister on the isolated island overseasIn the dark to pick up the red eyed Lori, the latent decadent Empire holding hands with the girl stained with blood; on the shampooland islands, to save the female slaves, they spend a lot of money, and in the garden city fight against the darkness for the girl in the dark. If you work hard, there will always be three thousand beauties in Crystal Palace. Hard work will eventually bring power to the world and power to the world. ——As long as he doesn’t start his own business and the middle road collapses

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