Universal regeneration system

Title:Universal regeneration system

Author:Stand up for a long time

Description:In an adventure, after Wang Yan Guangrong died, he unexpectedly activated a “plug-in” called rebirth system, in which lived a skeleton. According to it, this thing is omnipotent. Do you believe it? Is the brain open enough? Bad genetic grade? Too weak? Lack of soul strength? Too low combat power? There’s a lack of glamourSkeleton said: This is not a matter. The nono asked, let the goddess paste it upside down? Skeleton said: can I think you are insulting me? In other words, don’t these “plug-ins” and “golden fingers” all have default configurations? Mobile space, selective rebirth, time and space shuttle, storage and transportation, farm and ranch, practice scene simulation, entertainment and pick up girls be equal to anything. Alchemy and Qi refine all things; assist in swallowing all kinds of Qi and refining the condensation point. There is no need to practice at the end of the Dharma era, so that you can have a second

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