Uncanny tree

Title:Uncanny tree

Author:Red words

Description:Surrounded by mountains, an old village is located here. There is an old camphor tree at the entrance of the village. The old camphor tree is dying. I don’t know how long it will be here. It always uses its roots to prey on people or things in the village, and all kinds of strange events have something to do with it. There is also a pond beside the old camphor tree, which is usually clearIt is a must for villagers to wash their belongings. After the unusual, it is like a monster’s mouth, swallowing anything from here, but its favorite is the children in the village, especially the children swimming in the pond in summer. There are three relatively new tile roofed houses at the end of the villageTile roofed houses have many secrets. In the nursing home at the head of the village, the wind is clear, but the bamboo forest in front of the nursing home is dark and gloomy. My father when I was not born

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