Ultimate form

Title:Ultimate form

Author:Shuangmu children

Description:With the accelerated development of human civilization, the demand for energy is increasing day by day, and the existing energy, such as oil and coal, has been exhausted day by day. Energy has become an increasingly serious problem of globalization, which is also one of the most important factors restricting human development. It is urgent to find new energy alternatives. And buried in the bottom of the oceanCombustible ice (natural gas hydrate) formed by animal and plant corpses after tens of thousands of years has been found in more and more places in the world, with huge reserves, far more than coal and oil. Coupled with the high efficiency and cleanness of this energy, it soon became the mainstream energy in the society. However, a mysterious gas also slowly changes in the use of combustible iceReleased, this gas content is very little, colorless and tasteless, chemical characteristics are stable, belongs to the inert gas, and did not cause social attention. I don’t know,

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