Two love between life and death

Title:Two love between life and death

Author:True and beautiful

Description:It is said that there are fish people living in the sea. The fish leader is in charge of the most powerful magic weapon in the whole sea and the lake, including her seven granddaughters. As the youngest blue child was physically inconvenient when he was young, the fish leader hid the blue pearl in blue child’s body and saved his life. Due to the delay of time, blueThe Pearl of spirit has been in LAN Ji’er’s body for a long time and has been integrated with her. Let the rest of the sisters hate her. In order to love, LAN Qing’er gives up the life of the fish people and becomes a mortal. In the accident, she goes back to the sea and continues to be a fish people. During this period, the seven sisters had a conflict, leading to the conflictTo LAN Qing’er’s death in order to save LAN Ji’er, in another accident, LAN Ji’er goes through

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