True record of exploring spirit

Title:True record of exploring spirit

Author:Wen Dao San Dian Ding

Description:The book is divided into two parts: exploring the spiritual life and the worries of the world. If you don’t open your mouth and go away happily, the worries will disperse. This is a doggerel written by Han Tao for Prozac counseling center. As a counselor, he and his two companions run the business in a dismal wayIt’s a shop. Psychological counseling is like a cover. Most of the guests are admiring their peers’ names to deal with “troubles”. It’s hard to wake up from a dream. It’s like a fantasy. I don’t know that the end of a nightmare is the beginning of another nightmare. For some reason, Han Tao decided to write a book. He sorted out the anecdotes he sawIt is written in Chinese and named as the real record.

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