Treacherous merchants in the last days

Title:Treacherous merchants in the last days

Author:Chen Yi

Description:No one knows where he came from, no one knows where he is going. He is always in front of others when they need help most. Some people think of him as a messenger of God. Others see him as a believer in the devil. He always wanders and lingers at the junction of hell and heaven. Fair, fairJust, open, as their own principle of wandering the end of the world. He is not God and has no duty to save the world. He is not a devil, and has no wild hope of destroying the world. He is just a businessman, a treacherous businessman struggling to survive in the crack of the end. “Hi! Do you need my help? You can get away from me at a small priceIt’s the most rewarding place to be here! ” This sentence soon became his mantra in the last days. He is Chen Feng, an ideal to become the biggest businessman in the last world

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