Travelers in pursuit of immortality

Title:Travelers in pursuit of immortality

Author:Flowers under the moon

Description:I suddenly want to tell a story, a story that goes through time and space in my mind. Do you agree to exchange your life for the chance to cross? What if I disagree? Every time I adapt to new rules, every time I change my knowledge, it is for the eternal life! But… I just hope I don’t forget the originalPS: I’ve said it several times. My novel was poisonous before Tianlong. Tianlong’s income is at the end of Tianlong’s scroll… Don’t swear! Look disgusting! Q group: 481508732, traveler’s book. Please have someone come in to liven up the atmosphere!Please forgive me for my poor writing style, but if you think I have made progress, please give me a recommendation!

Author: miven

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