Top secret criminal investigation team

Title:Top secret criminal investigation team

Author:Sweet fragrance

Description:Evil will be punished! The devil will be judged! With the rapid progress of the times, the gap between people is growing, and everyone becomes cautious. At the same time, everyone becomes unscrupulous, and the demons hidden in the city are ready to move. In 2014, the Public Security BureauSome senior officials of the Ministry secretly set up an organization, mafuti. Externally, they are police officers. Within the police force, they are known as external criminal investigation assistants specially designated by the director. They can use some extraordinary means. They deal with the super vicious cases that happen all over the country. Because mafuti was built privately. Therefore, apart from the participants, the true face of the organization and the real purpose of its existence have never been made public. PS: this work is pure fiction!

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