To Caitlin

Title:To Caitlin

Author:Desserts control

Description:This is the diary I found in her home, which records everything that she is still alive. The last one is like this: “I’m a madman, I like to play with the police, especially you, Caitlin. I like to see you are so angry with me. I like to see you come after me. You always think I’m a bad man, but I’m not sureYou never know that I’m protecting you in the dark, protecting you from being hurt, but I’m sorry, I can’t protect you in the future. Caitlin, live well and catch all the bad people in this world. Also, I like you Caitlin. “She’s dead. She’s dead for me. No one’s going to protect meNo one will catch me any more She’s dead, dead

Author: miven

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